StarLadder launches PUBG Leagues for all skill levels

StarLadder is expanding its offering for PUBG esports by launching a league for different levels of competition in both Europe and CIS regions.

Three series of tournaments have been announced, one for amateur players, another for semi-professionals, and a third for established professionals.

The aim of these leagues are to help amateurs progress through the ranks in a systematic fashion. The path is the same for any and every team: win the Amateur Series to progress to the SemiPro Series, and win that league to be invited to the Ultimate Series.

Since no teams will be invited into the SemiPro and Ultimate Series, only the Amateur Series will be launched at first. This gives an equal chance for every team to progress through the system. The higher-skill leagues will be introduced incrementally alongside the second and third seasons. The European and CIS leagues will “operare in parallel from each other”, played in first-person perspective with 16 teams battling it out.

The Amateur Series’ inaugural season will kick off on September 25th and run until December 28th, establishing the teams that will move on to the SemiPro Series. Registration for amateur league, for both Europe and CIS teams, is open now.

At the time of writing, StarLadder’s StarSeries i-League Season 2 is ongoing. The tournament is being hosted at the Kiev Cybersport Arena in Ukraine, with 24 top teams competing for their share of the $100,000 (£77,562.50) prize pool.

Esports Insider says: Supporting all levels of PUBG with a new online league can only be beneficial for its esports scene if done properly, it’s a nice change to see that all teams having a level playing field and the same opportunity to progress to the professional level. It should give amateurs and semi-professional teams plenty of opportunity to compete alongside the best, which will definitely help with their development and progression.