adopts MegaFon’s colour scheme for 2018 season

09 August 2018


Russian esports organisation has announced that it is adopting MegaFon‘s colour scheme for its logo and jerseys for the remainder of 2018. and MegaFon announced a deal in July that saw MegaFon’s logo placed on the organisation’s digital channels, website, and jersey. At the time of the sponsorship reveal, it was made clear that more details and results of the two parties’ collaboration would become apparent over time – this is evidently one of those efforts.

Roman Dvoryankin, General Manager for said the following about this unexpected change: “Our partnership with MegaFon is a crucial stepping stone for and the entire Russian esports scene. As the level of a professional esports culture rises in Russia, an alliance with the country’s leading telecom company further empowers the rapid development dynamics.”

The organisation is ditching its instantly-recognisable orange colour for MegaFon’s pungent, almost off-putting green and a deep purple. While it may not look the best, it will certainly catch a lot of people’s attention when the players are competing in front of thousands of fans.

Toan Nguyen, Partner at Jung von Matt/SPORTS offered his perspective on the change via LinkedIn: “Team owners are brand owners and the ultimate task is to protect and care for the brand – even (or especially) in troublesome times. We all know how sports can be sometimes.”

“What does it mean for a brand, if you change your entire visual brand identity for one single sponsor? What pops up in your mind about VP when you close your eyes now?”

This new colour scheme will be first make an appearance at The International 8, the prestigious Dota 2 tournament that commences on August 15th. This change will be made across all of’s teams however, which also includes Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Fortnite, and Paladins. The organisation is also partnered with, Parimatch, Fragstore, Mr.Cat, and LG.

Esports Insider says: If the aim of this change was to bring awareness to MegaFon, which is likely the case, then it’s been pretty effective so far. Changing colours of a logo – which is only made up of a small variety in the first place – is a ballsy move and it certainly makes fans stop and look if there’s familiarity there. It’s not nice to look at but it’s impactful, that’s for sure.