PUBG to be officially launched on FACEIT

Battle Royale title PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is officially coming to FACEIT after a successful beta.

PUBG will be officially launched on the tournament platform on September 28th in Europe, North America, and South America. FACEIT is working in cooperation with PUBG Corp., the developer of the game, for the competitive initiative.

The trial period of PUBG’s integration into FACEIT began on August 17th, and has since had over 200,000 sign-ups. According to the platform’s data, 50% of CS:GO players on FACEIT also play PUBG.

Niccolo Maisto, CEO of FACEIT discussed the launch: “Whilst we anticipated high levels of success with the closed beta, we were blown away by the positive feedback and the number of sign-ups. The integration we developed with PUBG allows players to be in a match within seconds and we’re excited to welcome everyone on the platform to jump in and experience our competitive battleground. PUBG is continually proving its fierce potential as an esport, and we’re thrilled to be a part of that exciting journey by offering players unprecedented opportunities to develop their skills.”

The system provides PUBG players with online leagues that offers progression depending on performance. The platform allows players to earn FACEIT points as they play, which can then be used for in-game items from the official shop.

Hyowon Yoo, Head of Business Development and Operations NA/EU, for PUBG Corporation added: “The FACEIT integration offers our community a uniquely competitive framework to play PUBG at a level they haven’t experienced before. The closed beta proved the value of our partnership, and we can’t wait to watch the competitive scene develop further.”

Esports Insider says: For PUBG to continue on the right path towards becoming a thriving esport, it needs platforms like FACEIT to foster talent and give players’ a way to compete against others at all levels. It’s great to see that the beta was popular enough for FACEIT to fully integrate the game into its system.