Gfinity partners with engineering firm to design esports facility

Gfinity and London-based engineering and design firm Ove Arup & Partners Ltd are working together to design a ‘world-leading’ esports facility, the company has announced.

The blueprints for the project are already in the works. According to the details shared in the press release, the new facility includes a stage for competition, learning, fitness, and nutritional centres, and residential areas for the players. The goal is to open the space for players of all levels.

Chris Dite, an employee at Ove Arup and Partners Ltd, said: “The latest thinking on integrated esports facilities is high on the agenda of a number of our largest clients. The focus of the project is to create facilities that exceed the expectations of the professional players, the aspirational professionals, and the amateurs who want to compete in a fun, safe environment and the fans who support their teams. No one understands this audience better than Gfinity.”

At the moment, the facility is just a project. Gfinity is yet to find a partner that can turn its idea into a reality.

Garry Cook, Executive Chairman at Gfinity, said: “We are delighted to be working with Arup to design the world’s most advanced integrated esports facility. The esports professional and aspiring amateur learning their craft have similar needs to their counterparts in a host of other sports.”

Gfinity opened the first esports dedicated venue in London back in 2015, the company is sharing that experience with their new partner. There are no details available about the final size of the new facility, the possible opening date or the developer.

Esports Insider says: Esports arenas are popping off around the world. As the audience grows, the venues need to expand to accommodate this growth. Some organisations are taking it as far as to create their own facilities like RNG in China. We can expect to see more plans like this as the industry keeps growing.