High School Esports League partners with Kansas School District

20 September 2018


High School Esports League is partnering up with Complete High School Maize in the Kansas School District, the start-up announced through a press release.

Complete is one of the supporters of the first district-approved curriculum gaming health curriculum: Gaming Concepts. In collaboration with High School Esports League, Complete is looking to promote the curriculum and help other schools trying to incorporate Gaming Concepts into their programs.

Michael Russell, a Social Studies teacher, and principal Dr. Kristy Custer are the ones in charge of the new curriculum. Russell is a lifelong gamer, he worked with Custer in the application process for the High School Esports League competitive season. Both educators are using their years of experience to close the gap between non-gaming teachers and gaming teachers.

Dr. Custer, Kansas Principal of the Year in 2018 said: “As an administrator, I’m always looking for new ways to engage students in school. Online gaming is helping us achieve this goal. We are not reinventing the wheel here. Many, if not all of our students, are already spending time playing games. We are just providing some intentionality in the focus of what they are doing, as well as providing context where their gaming can support their academic and career goals in an engaging and creative way.”

Gaming Concepts introduces students to healthy gaming habits. Students can learn interpersonal and problem-solving skills by working in teams, and online behaviour strategies. For the 2018-2019 school year, the curriculum will be updated with exercise and food logs so students can track their physical activity and eating habits.

The curriculum is already showing positive results, students enrolled in Gaming Concepts had a spike of 1.5 on their GPA. Dr. Custer established an attendance goal of 85%, that number was rapidly surpassed with a record attendance of 94%.

Michael Russell, Making IT Happen Award Winner and Social Studies teacher said: “Educators need to use every tool at their disposal to keep students coming to school. This means not only being present, but also participating. The Gaming Concepts curriculum accomplishes that goal. Students in Gaming Concepts are writing, speaking, problem-solving and socializing on a daily basis. In other words, they are learning!”

High School Esports League’s Fall Major Season starts on October 2, registrations are open for schools interested, the process ends on September 28.

Any school interested in the Gaming Concepts curriculum can request more information through email here.

Esports Insider says: Video games are a big part of society nowadays. Kids spend more time with electronic devices so it is important for them to learn healthy habits, especially online behaviour. Complete High School Maize is not only competing in the High School Esports League but also giving the students the tools for success.