Megafans announces mobile esports tournament platform

05 September 2018


Megafans has announced esports tournament prototype for mobile games through a press release. Players worldwide can compete to win tokenized prizes.

Megafans is no stranger to mobile gaming, in its first year, the company published 16 games on Google Play and the App Store. Now, Megafans is moving into the esports competitive scene with a prototype that allows players to win prizes.

Testing for the new platform already started with the non-tournament games, the goal is to measure baseline downloads and retention. In the second stage, the company will compare the data obtained with the new competitive versions of the games.

Jeff Donnelley, CEO at Megafans said: “The digital games market already knows that competitive esports for prize pools is an emerging growth market so, offering that type of product on every mobile device in the world with tokenized prizes and exploiting this growth channel is an amazing opportunity.  We are glad to be the first platform to figure this out in a unique way.”

The project is starting with timed tournaments open to players around the world. Other plans include streams and destination location events. Megafans’ goal is to become a reference when it comes to Mobile gaming and tournaments.

Mobile gaming is a fast-growing market with millions of users around the world. Despite the restrictions by the government, China remains as the largest market with 619.5 million players according to a Newzoo report.

Jeff Donnelley added: “We understand that our customers, gamers and developers alike, are the core of the mobile game industry, so we will be gamer-centric in every aspect of this business, listening and reacting to our players and partners.”

According to the press release, Megafans is partnering up with multiple game developers. The company will also invite small game developers to promote their products on the Megafans platform.

Esports Insider says: Mobile gaming is one of the largest markets at the moment. Everyone has a game on their phone, even senior citizens enjoy playing. Investing in a platform could be a good way to attract an audience that wouldn’t be interested in esports otherwise.