LA Valiant, SF Shock partner for Overwatch California Cup

Los Angeles Valiant and San Francisco Shock, two of the inaugural franchises in the Overwatch League, have come together to launch the Overwatch California Cup.

This is an off-season event that will see the two teams face off in their respective areas over two dates. The first clash is at the Esports Arena Santa Ana on October 20th and the second will be hosted at Esports Arena Oakland on November 10th.

Overwatch California Cup

Both of these location-based events will include meet-and-greets between the renovated rosters of both teams and their fans. Not only that, but amateur tournaments, exclusive merchandise, and free-to-play computers are also expected. Each of the events will be wrapped up with a show match between the two headlining rosters.

Brett Lautenbach, President of NRG Esports and San Francisco Shock commented on the competition: “We love the concept of finally bringing our matches to our home market in the Bay Area. This is the first time an OWL team is announcing a home market match outside of LA. What better way to kick this off than an incredible rivalry match between the Valiant and Shock.”

The winner of the events will earn the California Cup and will keep possession of it until the two meet again in the Overwatch League. There are three ticket options available: General, VIP (which has sold out), and the PCH Package which includes a number of bonus merchandise.

Noah Whinston, CEO of Immortals and Los Angeles Valiant also discussed the Cup: “No matter the competition, the rivalry between Southern California and Northern California is one that is full of passion for the fans and the teams involved. We are excited to partner with the Shock in establishing a new tradition in esports.”

Esports Insider says: The Overwatch League is location-based when it comes to its franchises, but besides some local activations, that’s about it for the time being. It’s great to see two franchises teaming up to bring action to their respective areas, it proves they’re embracing the community and area that they represent.