This week in esports: Sky Sports, KFC, Orange, PSG.H2K

14 September 2018


This week in esports has been a good one! With Sky Sports picking up the FACEIT London Major finals to Royal Never Give Up announcing a one-year deal with KFC, there’s plenty for you to catch up on if your finger hasn’t been on the pulse.

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FACEIT London Major finals to be broadcast on Sky Sports

FACEIT London Major

The FACEIT London Major finals will be broadcast on Sky Sports over September 20th-23rd.

This partnership marks the first time Sky Sports will broadcast CS:GO esports, including a highlights programme, a live broadcast on its digital channels, and an exclusive one-hour documentary.

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RNG and KFC sign one-year sponsorship deal


Chinese organisation Royal Never Give Up has received a finger-licking, one-year sponsorship deal from KFC.

This deal sees KFC’s logo placed on RNG’s jerseys and at the RNG esports arena, inside the Huaxi Live Centre in Beijing. KFC will also produce RNG toys and special meals.

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Team Vitality nab major sponsorship from Orange

French esports organisation Team Vitality has announced a major sponsorship from telecommunications company France.

As part of this partnership, Orange will be Team Vitality’s title sponsor, including a prominent jersey placement. Physical activations are also being planned for upcoming events.

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PSG, H2K reportedly partner for EU LCS franchise bid

Paris Saint-Germain has reportedly finalised a partnership with UK-based organisation H2K that will see them co-apply for a franchise slot in the EU LCS.

With the EU LCS 2018 Summer Split wrapping up, the next time the European competition returns it’ll be a newly-incorporated franchise model.

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