WIN announces CS:GO Winners League Season 1

26 September 2018


Newly established tournament provider WIN has announced the launch of Winners League Season 1.

WIN is launching a new league, offering players ‘the chance to climb the ranks of competitive Counter-Strike’. 

League play begins on October 8th exclusively on FACEIT, teams across Europe are able to enter. Alongside this, a few key teams will be given access directly into the Invitational Division. A $19,000 (£14,000) total prize pool will be distributed across multiple divisions, with the biggest rewards featured in the Winners League invitational division. The initial prize pool puts out a statement of intent for WIN’s aims in the industry, with more similar tournament’s planned for the future.

Serge Vardanyan, WIN

Serge Vardanyan, Founder and CEO of WIN said: “Winners League was born from our love of esports. Our team members have been a part of esports as it has grown from humble beginnings to the global phenomenon that it is today. We see Winners League as a way to work with and give back to the esports community.

“We want to help shape the industry’s next stars and to give new opportunities for growth and competition. We’re excited to be hosting our first season on the FACEIT platform and we’re already looking forward to many more in the future”.

Esports Insider says: Establishing more competitive tournaments for the lower tiers of competitive play can only be a positive. The added bonus of solid prize-pools for both invited and qualifying teams is certainly a benefit for those looking to move up the ranks in the competitive landscape.