BenQ announces 2018 ZOWIE DIVINA PUBG Invitational

19 October 2018


Taiwanese multi-national company BenQ announced the 2018 ZOWIE DIVINA PUBG female tournament, its first ever all-female PUBG invitational set to take place in December of this year.

Shanghai, China will be the destination for the first PUBG invitational organised by BenQ through ZOWIE DIVINA. The DIVINA initiative started in 2011 when BenQ hosted a StarCraft 2 tournament and invited six players from around the world. The mission is to provide female players with ladder opportunities to compete.

The 2018 ZOWIE DIVINA PUBG Invitational will see 48 players from around the world compete between December 13 and 16, the players are meeting in the LAN event hosted at an esports arena that is yet to be announced. They will be competing for part of the $15,000 (£11,500) prize pool. Players are competing in the Sanhok Map on a first-person perspective.

Any player that wishes to be considered for the event can register now. Players that submit their information must go through a screening process. Finalist will be announced on November 5 through social media. Players from mainland China must go through local qualifiers. BenQ and ZOWIE DIVINA are paying all the expenses for the 48 finalists. The Registration process closes on November 2.

ZOWIE DIVINA recently created accounts on different social networks where they are sharing the latest updates about the event. Tournament rules and schedule will be announced in the following weeks.

Esports Insider says: ZOWIE DIVINA is creating a unique space for female players looking to keep growing or kick-start their careers. There has been some debate about the place of women in the industry and the need for this kind of initiatives. Around the world, more women are joining the esports industry and transforming it into a more accepting and inclusive industry.