Deloitte announced as partner for ESL Dutch Championship

16 October 2018


Tournament organiser ESL Benelux is partnering up with business service provider Deloitte for the upcoming ESL Dutch Championship finals to take place at Bright Days on November 24 and 25.

ESL Benelux and Deloitte are collaborating for the first time to take the final of the ESL Dutch Championship to Bright Day, the biggest tech festival in the Netherlands. The event will feature two finals, League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

After an action-packed winter season, the teams are meeting at the Expo Haarlemmermeer in Vijfhuizen, Netherlands. Each game has a pool prize of € 6,500 (£ 5,700).

Jaap Visser managing director of ESL Benelux said: “We are very pleased with this great collaboration between ESL Benelux and Deloitte for the ESL Dutch Championship. This cooperation is not only a big step forward for the esports in general but with this, we also help Deloitte recruit new talent through special promotions and activations for our target group. We look forward to a beautiful and long-term cooperation.”

Deloitte is looking to reach a younger audience through this partnership. It will also help the company to recruit talent for their different projects and improve its cybersecurity services.

Tom Schuurmans, director Cyber Risk Services Deloitte: “In order to be successful as an athlete, you must have a specific skill set, such as problem-solving ability, performing under time pressure and out of the box thinking. You need the same skills in our profession as an ethical hacker, where we look for a leak in digital systems on behalf of companies and then help to close them. The cooperation with ESL Benelux offers us a unique opportunity to get acquainted with new talent and put cybersecurity on the map here.”

Esports Insider says: Professional players must perform under pressure when they’re on stage. The decision they make in a split second can change everything in a game. Deloitte understands the value of those skills for their assets and is trying to learn as much as possible. Esports offer the best opportunity for that exchange.