ESI Job Picks – Find the job for you in esports – October Edition

How do you land that dream job in esports? With the industry growing at an almost alarming rate, there are more roles emerging all the time with more talent across the board required to sustain and continue this growth.

This is where we come in. Each month we will look through a selection of our favourite current jobs over on Hitmarker and share them with you, our readers, in the hope of landing you a career in our wonderful industry.

Fnatic – London, United Kingdom- PR Manager – Full-Time

Fnatic is one of the most well-known brands in esports. The UK based organisation have sides representing them across all manner of titles and can be seen at the finals of most major esports titles, if you want to work in one of the best cities in the world, for one of its most well-known organisations, then this job could be for you.

Follow industry trends, build relationships and manage media inquiries from people like Esports Insider. 5 years of experience is required, drive to grow relations with media partners and have a keen eye for detail, spelling mistakes be gone! There is no doubt the importance a strong PR message can have when delivering your teams’ vision to the world, so maybe this role could be perfect for you.

You can apply for this job here

Ginx Esports TV – London, United Kingdom – Video Editor – Full-Time

GINX Esports TV, you might have seen their content on Twitch, your local TV network or seen their handy work at a recent gathering of Esports’ very best at ESI London. Ginx is London based, right in the hub of creativity between King’s Cross and Camden. Your editing skills could see your content viewed by millions around the world across TV and online.

The role will require you to work across both live and pre-recorded content, crafting high-level content across all media platforms while liaising with other departments to make an impact. It’s not all just about video, of course, you will need a keen ear for audio as well as keeping all content in line with UK regulator Ofcom and other international broadcasting standards. All this on top of a knowledge of gaming and esports, sports television and an understanding of the Ginx target demographic (21-35 males/females).

You can apply for this job here

Junior eSports & Social Media Producer – West Ham United – Full-Time

We’ve highlighted a number of social media roles in these posts. They require a great deal of time and dedication at the very top level but can be a perfect entry point for people with dreams of working within esports. West Ham United is offering such a role, while the gig is full time (including West Ham home games), West Ham is offering the successful candidate the opportunity to work within their existing media team and learning skills both in esports and social media.

You will, if successful push the club’s social media goals across all platforms, film and edit original esports content and help co-ordinate esports talent for events, tournaments and content. You will also contribute to the club’s website, writing regular articles about the club’s esports endeavours. So whether you want to iron out the kinks or hammer out a new production schedule, West Ham is offering a great entry-level job for any aspiring esports/sports fan with an eye for social media.

You can apply for this job here

That wraps up this month’s list, check back in the first week of October for another set of amazing esports jobs and/or head over to

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