Fnatic partner with Sansar to create Fnatic Meta BUNKR VR hangout

08 October 2018


Fnatic, one of the world’s leading global esports brands, today announced a new collaboration with Sansar, ‘the premier destination for social VR’: Fnatic Meta BUNKR, a virtual fan hangout designed to enable deeper community engagement.

Free to access on PC and VR, the space provides Fnatic fans all over the world a place to gather and connect. Fans will be able to host events and meet-ups, meet popular players and personalities and earn one-of-a-kind rewards and prizes – ensuring a richer fan experience.

Fnatic Meta BUNKR

Fnatic Meta BUNKR opens to the public today. It will kick off with the Official BUNKR Launch + Watch Party (Oct 11) and Fnatic Trivia (Oct 13). With more events through the end of the 2018 League of Legends Championships (Oct. 1 – Nov. 3).  

Styled as an intergalactic clubhouse from the future. Fnatic Meta BUNKR will serve as Fnatic’s main virtual venue for community activations and events. Fans anywhere in the world will be able to stream matches live, meet their favourite players and personalities, and join other fans for virtual events on par with real-life experiences: everything from watch parties and tailgates to player AMAs and meet-and-greets; all they need is a link to the Sansar experience.

Additionally, fans will have the chance to unlock exclusive rewards and prizes with every new visit. These can be achieved through; daily community challenges, regular scavenger hunts, ongoing community contests, and competitions. Throughout October, for instance, Fnatic will be offering a special punch card program, rewarding the fans that successfully locate hidden Fnatic jerseys in the BUNKR with special virtual and real-life prizes.

Benoit Pagotto, Fnatic

Benoit Pagotto, Marketing Director, Fnatic said: “As a professional esports organization, Fnatic continues to break the mould from a playing and fan perspective. Just last weekend we claimed our seventh European League Championship Series title in League of Legends. Whilst this collaboration with Sansar is a sign of how we’re always looking to enhance the viewing experience we deliver to our growing community of fans worldwide. There’s no doubt that virtual reality within the world of esports is the future of the sport. So we’re incredibly excited to deliver a more engaging experience to our fans.”

Esports Insider says: We went down to Fnatic’s HQ last week to check it out for ourselves and found it to be a truly immersive experience. It looks and feels like you are really there, with its hi-resolution visuals, TV screens, and proximity sound & voice chat. With OpTic releasing their VR experience in August, this is certainly something to keep an eye on for the future!

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