LVP announces League of Legends national tournaments in Latin America

03 October 2018


The Liga Profesional de Videojuegos (LVP) announced four national League of Legends tournaments for 2019 in Latin America with support from Riot Games.

In 2019, the professional League of Legends scene in Latin America is moving to Chile after Riot Games announced the merge between the north and south leagues. Now, the LVP in partnership with Riot Games announced four national leagues in Colombia, Argentina, Chile, and Mexico.

The national leagues are the evolution of the National Circuits, semi-professional circuits for teams in Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, and Mexico. Only in 2018, the National Circuits awarded over $130,000 to the teams taking part in the competition.

The National Leagues are divided into two seasons with eight teams competing for the prize that is yet to be announced. Amateur teams that conquer the National Circuits will have a chance to join the National League.

The application process is open, the LVP is not taking this step lightly. In order to be considered for the National Leagues, the teams must submit a business plan that includes a legal scheme, financial plans, among others. The teams should also include the sport’s plans showcasing the achievements at the National Circuits, and the working environment plan for the players.

Teams are also expected to include a branding plan with numbers of fans and a plan to increase the following. The final requirement is the legal history of the organisation. The application process ends on October 22.

In Europe, the LVP announced a new partner, French company LDLC who recently opened a store in Barcelona, Spain. LDLC will provide technical services to the LVP and its tournaments in Spain.

Esports Insider says: Latin America is an emerging region with a lot of potentials. The numbers on diverse studies talk about a passionate audience that consumes esports content frequently. This move by Riot and the LVP will improve the region from a competitive point of view but also as a business. Exciting things are coming for Latin America.

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