ESL, Universal announce first signing to Enter Records

05 November 2018


Enter Records, a joint music label created by ESL and Universal Music Group, has announced its first signing and release.

German electronic producer Christian ”TheFatRat” Buttner, who performed at ESL One Cologne 2017 and recently released a Dota 2 music pack, has signed to Enter Records.

ESL Universal Music Group TheFatRat

TheFatRat said: “The opportunity that Enter Records gives musicians like me to build a community and grow broader audience is amazing. I’m signing to Enter Records, as I believe in the idea of the platform and how music and gaming belong together.”

The Chosen One, the first release from Enter Records, is said to be available for purchase and download soon.

Bernhard Mogk, SVP Global Sales & Business Development at ESL also discussed the signing: “The live performance of TheFatRat at ESL One Hamburg 2018 last week was an incredible experience for viewers both on-site and online. Music is a universal language and, like gaming, one of the key-pillars of pop-culture. We are happy to announce TheFatRat as the first major signing for Enter Records, our joint venture label with Universal Music Group.”

Enter Records was formally announced in October, with intentions of “soundtracking the gaming experience”. The deal between ESL and Universal Music Group was first made known to the public in August.

Gustav Käll, Head of Esports at Universal Music Group added: ”The initial feedback to Enter Records from the community has been overwhelming. To be able to support artists coming from within the community itself is a dream come true, and to have TheFatRat on our label as the first signing means the world to me.”

Esports Insider says: TheFatRat’s set in Hamburg was received quite well and he obviously has a pre-existing relationship with ESL to some extent – having performed at the Dota 2 tournament – so this is an interesting move. It’ll be intriguing to see where, if at all, the release will be played in terms of esports events.

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