Gen.G announce new esports facility in Seoul

Gen.G has announced the organizations new training facility in Seoul, Korea. The new seven-story building will act as a training facility for players and staff, with the resources and equipment needed to practice at the highest level.

A key difference in the facility is that Gen.G wants to promote a work-life balance, players and staff will live on their own and train at the facility daily with their team. Gen.G hope this will strike the correct balance, allowing players to separate life at home and training with their team to achieve optimal performance.

Gen.G Seoul exterior

Arnold Hur, Chief Growth Officer, Gen.G Esports, spoke about the news: “Our team culture is built on seeking out those players that want to be the best and are willing to put in the hard work to accomplish their goals, so it’s important we give them enough outlets outside of the grind to stay healthy, both mentally and physically. This creates a much more harmonious and professional atmosphere as teams are given the space and training they need to re-energize but also a first-class facility where they can focus on their craft and put in the work required to become world champions.”

Each team has a dedicated room, with space for match analysis and strategic planning. Each room has also been named after classic video game characters such as Super Mario and Pac Man. Two additional boot camp rooms will be used by other teams visiting Korea, Dignitas and Team Liquid have already taken advantage of these facilities.

Arnold Hur added: “Seoul is the heart of esports, and we knew we had to develop a world-class, player-first facility here if we were going to credibly claim our spot as a truly global esports team. Our facility gives us an edge that few other esports teams have, and we are excited to leverage this as we continue to expand our presence around the world. Combined with our upcoming Los Angeles HQ, we feel we are the best-equipped esports organization that can act as a bridge between Eastern and Western esports.”

In addition to rooms for teams, Gen.G have also created a dedicated streaming for players who wish to explore streaming and alternative revenue streams when their competitive career is over. The Seoul facility will also be the base of operations for the Gen.G business personnel. Gen.G also has facilities in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Shanghai.

Esports Insider says: Gaming houses are a fine idea, but a facility that functions as an office sounds like the way forward in esports. Most pro players are young, moving away from family, while a gaming house makes sense, letting them live a more independent and healthier work-life balance will surely pay off in the long run.