Method enters partnership with Kensington

05 November 2018


UK-based esports organisation Method has announced a partnership with desktop and mobile device accessory company Kensington.

As part of this deal, Kensington will supply “ergonomic products” to players that represent Method. This includes padding and back rests that aim to reduce strain and overload on players’ bodies when training.


To coincide with the announcement of the partnership, Method announced a giveaway of Kensington wrist rests and back supports, alongside an MSI curved monitor.

Sascha Steffens, Co-owner of Method discussed the partnership in a statement: “Over the past few years esports has seen a bigger focus on health & wellness, primarily due to sports teams getting involved in our industry. Professionals like nutritionists and trainers are helping players in esports today. For some reason however, ergonomic products that prevent common gamer problems like carpal tunnel or bad posture are widely ignored within our industry. Therefore we at Method are very happy to partner with Kensington to promote their products that effectively improve gamers health and wellness at affordable prices.”

Method is also partnered with the likes of MSI, Storm Shield, Twitch, and Duality Media. In October, the organisation announced that Vertagear had become its new gaming chair sponsor.

Gwen Hsu, VP of Global Product Development at Kensington also commented: “As the industry grows, we’re seeing health issues become more prevalent and players retiring at absurdly young ages. Kensington’s ergonomic lineup of wrist rests and back supports are designed to keep world class gamers in the fight for longer and performing at their best. We are proud to partner with Method to promote the message of physical wellness to the gaming community.”

Method is best known for dominating in World of Warcraft, just recently emerging as the first guild to clear mythic Uldir after the game’s recent expansion.

Esports Insider says: There’s a lot of strain placed on professional players with hours and hours of practicing and regular competitions. Kensington’s partnership with Method seems thoughtful and positive for the organisation’s players. This is also yet another non-endemic company entering esports, which is a decent move for the industry as long as intentions are pure.

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