Nifty Games™ receives $3 million in its initial capital raise

27 November 2018


Nifty Games™, a brand new video game publisher has announced its capital raise today, raising $3 million in a seed round. Notable investors include aXiomatic Gaming, a well known name in the esports world, and March Capital Partners.

Copyright: lovelyday12 / 123RF Stock Photo

Nifty Games has been formed to deliver high quality sports games on mobile and digital platforms for  a global audience, with the main target of passionate sports and gaming fans. 

The model used by Nifty Games is set to be a head-to-head free to play mobile and digital experience, thus presenting a unique proposition for sports fans. Although the esports potential is currently unclear, the head-to-head nature and backing from the likes of aXiomatic, the main investor in Team Liquid suggests that it could be an avenue that Nifty look to explore. 

Commenting on the formation of Nifty Games, Jon Middleton, Founder & CEO said: “We’ve built Nifty Games to create innovative sports games for today’s sports fans. The talent and experience on the team is second to none, and we believe our unique product direction and focus on quality will deliver a step change in mobile gaming to sports fans worldwide.”

He continued: “It’s a great vote of confidence to have the support of such highly regarded investors in our initial equity financing. With investment from team owners from all five major North American pro sports leagues, as well as successful game industry leaders and institutional tech investors, we’re off to a great start.”

“We’re excited about Nifty Games’ vision for delivering high-quality, sports-based mobile games,” said Bruce Stein, Co-Founder and CEO of aXiomatic. “This strategic partnership will combine the Nifty Games team’s extensive experience in gaming with our group’s expertise in traditional sports, esports and entertainment.”

“We’re thrilled to invest in Nifty Games as they aim to capture the attention of traditional sports fans who have become disengaged and frustrated with the current state of sports simulations in video games,” said Gregory Milken, Managing Director, March Capital Partners.

He concluded: “We see the tremendous value in offering an engaging mobile gaming experience that features short session arcade play along with the sports that players love.”

Esports Insider says: Congratulations to the team at Nifty. With aXiomatic involved and mentions of esports, we’re interested to see what comes down the line and if there’s a competitive element to the games Nifty produce.