Sprout finds peripheral partner in Trust Gaming

06 November 2018


German esports organisation Sprout has enlisted Trust Gaming as its official peripheral partner.

There’s no word on whether Trust Gaming will provide its peripherals for Sprout’s players to practice with or not, but that’s a typical arrangement in a partnership of this nature.

Sprout Trust Gaming

Toni Sonn, CEO of Sprout discussed the partnership: “We are very excited to welcome Trust Gaming as a peripheral partner into the Sprout family. Trust Gaming is a gamer-oriented brand, one that feels a deep commitment to Esports and is dedicated towards its community. As those are ideals that we also share, we are convinced that this partnership will be of major benefit to both our organisations. With Trust Gaming as a strong partner by our side, we aim to keep developing ourselves as we go forward so as to truly become the embodiment of the #BuildingChampions philosophy.”

Sprout is also partnered with Noblechairs, AMD, and CASEKING. It currently fields a team in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, where it is ranked #42 in the world by HLTV.org.

Dennis Roobol, Esports Communication Coordinator at Trust Gaming added: “Trust Gaming is very proud to announce its collaboration with the international esports organisation Sprout. Sprout is well known for their Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team, a team that became ESL Meisterschafts Champions as of Summer 2018. Sprout is the ultimate embodiment of the #BuildingChampions philosophy behind Trust Gaming and they will inspire many young gamers going forward. We look forward to building a long and inspirational partnership together!”

Esports Insider says: It’s hard to get too excited about this partnership without knowing the details regarding activations, perks, and so on. If unique events and content will be created as a byproduct of the deal then we’ll be looking forward to what’s to come.

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