DreamHack announces full event line-up for 2019

10 December 2018


Sweden-based tournament organiser DreamHack is wrapping up the year by looking ahead to the next – announcing its full line-up of events for 2019.

DreamHack will host its multi-event festivals in three continents next year, marking its entry into South America. DreamHack Rio, hosted in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, will take place over April 19-21.


Marcus Lindmark, CEO of DreamHack commented: “DreamHack’s 2019 calendar continues our strategy to grow our festival globally, while also continuing to celebrate the roots of our beginnings through ‘DreamHack Day’ each year on the 9th of December. It’s also a day to celebrate all who visit our events all over the world, and to thank the thousands of people who make these events safe and fun for all.

“DreamHack looks back at 2018 with great pride, but we’re even more thrilled about the upcoming year as we go stronger into current markets, expand to new markets and continue to create the most engaging gaming festival in the world.”

The full list of DreamHack events that will take place next year are as follows:

  • DreamHack Leipzig (February 15-17th)
  • DreamHack Rio (April 19th-21st)
  • DreamHack Tours, France (May 17-19th)
  • DreamHack Dallas (May 31st – June 2nd)
  • DreamHack Summer, Jönköping (June 15-17th)
  • DreamHack Valencia (July 4-7th)
  • DreamHack Montreal (September 6-8th)
  • DreamHack Rotterdam (October 18-20th)
  • DreamHack Atlanta (November 16-17th)
  • DreamHack Winter, Jönköping (November 29th – December 1st)
  • DreamHack Sevilla (December 12-15th)

December 9th is dubbed ‘DreamHack Day’, marking the day of the company’s inception. This year’s celebration marks 24 years of events being held in the gaming and esports scene by DreamHack.

Esports Insider says: DreamHack has had a very long, fruitful run and it obviously isn’t planning to slow down at all in 2019. With its festivals now hitting three continents, the company is obviously hoping to expand its global reach and presence – this seems like a solid way to do just that. Hopefully the quality of these events don’t take a hit due to the sheer volume of them.

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