InFinity eSports, leading Latin America by example

17 December 2018


On September 15, before 9,000 fans at the Movistar Arena in Chile, InFinity eSports made history. In three clean matches, the team conquered the Movistar Latin American Final 2018. A week after defeating Dash9 in the last final of the LLN, InFinity defeated Kaos Latin Gamers in their home. Two titles in less than ten days, an outstanding feat for the League of Legends team from Costa Rica.

Before they got there, InFinity had to go through Rainbow7. Formerly known as Lyon Gaming, Rainbow7 is one of the most popular teams in Latin America. This team accumulated nine domestic titles and many appearances in the international stages.

InFinity accomplished what no other team could, to take Rainbow7 down from the throne. The LLN era finished with InFinity as the final kings in Latin America North. The team continued its summer of dominance in the south. Then the roster travelled across the pond to compete in its first World Championship.

Despite the lack of preparation and issues before arriving to South Korea, InFinity surprised its opponents with a great performance on the Play-In stage. Unfortunately, the team lost its chance to compete in the main event against G2 Esports.

The year is far from over for the team, InFinity is now getting ready to take part in the new LLA.


Early this year, Riot Games announced the merge of the LLN and the CLS into a new league based in Chile. The LLA features eight teams from Latin America North and Latin America South. The application process was long and demanding for the organisations.

Diego Foresi, CEO and owner at InFinity said: “This new league is a great opportunity to increase the quality of the players and organisations. The eight teams now have better access to sponsors and not only that, the pool of talent is bigger, the expectations are massive. For us, as an organisation, this is an opportunity to validate our dominance in Latin America and prove that we are a team to watch at the international events.”

It doesn’t comes as a surprise that InFinity was chosen for the new LLA. After years of being the runner ups, the team claimed their rightful place at the top.

Diego “Arce” Arce Chang and José “Relic” Pombo at the League of Legends World Championship 2018. Courtesy of InFinity eSports


The team earned the respect from its opponents with good results but that’s not the only thing setting it apart. InFinity’s approach to branding and marketing is different from the rest of the squads competing in the LLA. The team is constantly engaging with the audience and creating new spaces for the fans and players to come together.

According to Foresi, the new league brings many opportunities when it comes to marketing: “Once established in Chile, we gain exposure in the south of the continent. We worked hard to create a loyal fan base in the north and now it is time to reach a different audience. They are aware of our brand but being close geographically changes the way we approach them. The goal is to bring the online experience to the real world for fans and also the players.”

The main team is already moving to Chile but InFinity continues its strong presence in Latin America North with a second team. The second roster is competing in the National Leagues announced by the LVP set to start in 2019. InFinity applied to participate in Mexico’s National League but was selected to compete in Colombia.


InFinity understands its audience and the needs of the market in Latin America. The teams rarely organise events of any kind. In 2018, InFinity was the only team worldwide to host an event to introduce the 2019 roster.

On November 24, 500 fans gathered at the Magaly Cinema in San Jose, Costa Rica. The enthusiastic audience welcomed the familiar faces, InFinity kept the same roster and coaches. Together, the loyal fans and the team enjoyed an afternoon together celebrating a successful year.

This one of a kind event allowed the fans to get closer to the players and made a clear statement. InFinity might be moving down south but they will never forget where they come from. The organisation was founded in Costa Rica back in 2009 and they are starting the new chapter of their story in the same place.

Lounge of the Magaly Cinema during InFinity’s event. Courtesy of InFinity eSports


The trip to Chile does not come without challenges. InFinity is moving players and staff to a different country. The organisation must secure visas, a team house and an office so they can keep operating at an optimal level.

About the move, Foresi said: “It has been hectic. It happened all at once, we went from one event to the other and then to Worlds. While the players competed, we had to keep working against the clock. We must to establish ourselves in Chile, secure the contracts, hire the staff and find a new home. Imagine you have to establish a new company in less than two months, that’s what it felt like.”

Through it all, Riot Games is supporting the team. Months after the LLA was announced, Dash9 shared a video on Youtube where they announced they wouldn’t be taking part in the application process. According to the Colombian team, the incentives from Riot Games were not enough to justify moving operations to a different country.

Foresi doesn’t agree with the claim: “The people from Riot are really supportive, they have been working with us to make this transition as smooth as possible. We receive a lot of attention from them, this is not an easy process but working together makes it manageable.”

InFinity’s players training during their time at the League of Legends World Championship 2018. Courtesy of InFinity eSports


InFinity experienced success in 2018 and is hoping to repeat the results in 2019. The team is establishing itself as one of the most important brands in Latin America. This promising project will improve the region not only from a competitive perspective but also on the business aspect.

This ambitious organisations is setting the example for the rest of the teams in the LLA. They will no longer be on Rainbow7’s shadow, they are champions and they act like it. If the other teams want a chance to compete, they must get on InFinity’s level.

Right now, Foresi has a one goal for his organisation: “I want us to make it to Chile safe, I want the players to be comfortable and happy in the new house. Once my players settle in Chile, then the real work starts but for now, I just want to make it there.”

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