Noah Whinston transitions to Executive Chairman of Immortals

13 December 2018


Noah Whinston has transitioned from his position as CEO of Immortals to become its Executive Chairman, making way for Ari Segal to take over the reigns of the organisation.

Immortals was founded in 2015 and Ari Segal was intended to become the CEO of the organisation ever since he was hired as its President and COO in October 2017.

Noah Whinston Immortals

Noah Whinston’s new role will see him more public-facing, leaving Ari Segal to oversee the direction of the company while he focuses on building the brand and the community surrounding it.

Ari Segal, CEO of Immortals
Ari Segal, CEO of Immortals

Noah Whinston, responding the news on Twitter, said the following: “Excited for the opportunity to elevate [Ari Segal] and give him more autonomy in his running of the Immortals organization If it was anyone else, this decision might have been harder for me, but Ari has been the best CEO in esports long before his title reflected it.”

“For me, this title change reflects a day to day role more closely aligned with the things that brought me to esports in the first place: brand and community building, promoting our Immortals values and developing our corporate strategy as the esports industry continues to grow.”

In July, it was announced that Meg Whitman, former CEO of eBay and Hewlett Packard had invested in Immortals, taking a seat on its board in the process. The organisation has also received investment from the likes of AEG, Lionsgate, Steve Kaplan, CrossCut Ventures, and Linkin Park.

Immortals is partnered with Mountain Dew, K-Swiss, Microsoft, Razer, Otter Pops, Nitto Tire, and LF Gaming. It currently fields teams in Rainbow Six Siege and Clash Royale, and it owns Overwatch League franchise Los Angeles Valiant and CS:GO brand MIBR.

Esports Insider says: It appears as if this move has been part of Immortals’ plan for quite some time, and it shows that Noah Whinston has an immense level of trust in Ari Segal for him to step down as the CEO of the organisation he built. We believe Noah will do a great job advocating for Immortals and, on a more broad level, esports as a whole so this is yet another exciting move out of the Immortals camp.

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