UGC partners with NØSLEEP for Halo Classic event

08 January 2019


Tournament organiser Ultimate Gaming Championship (UGC) has partnered with UK-based apparel brand NØSLEEP ahead of its Halo Classic event.

Taking place over January 11-13th, the Halo Classic will feature 4v4 and FFA competitions on Halo 3 with a total prize pool of $35,000 (£27,661.55).


This deal will result in the creation of event-specific content which will be aired during the event’s broadcast; viewers will see Halo content created by the apparel brand throughout the stream. Additionally, a limited-time discount code for NØSLEEP apparel will be aired on-stream.

Cody Luongo, Producer at UGC discussed the partnership in a statement: “NØSLEEP is a brand that had caught our eye very early on. Apart from making high-quality esports apparel, they create extremely compelling content that captures the passion inherent in our favorite tournament games.”

“NØSLEEP has a brand voice the coincides with our own in many ways – joining forces with them in this capacity felt like an opportunity too good to pass up. It’s been a pleasure to get to better know their team and we hope this partnership is the foundation of many more subsequent and successful collaborations.”

A representative for NØSLEEP added: “We pride ourselves on being an authentic esports brand, and there’s nothing more authentic than classic Halo. This game helped build the foundation of our industry, and the personality of the original Halo stars inspired the creation of NØSLEEP. When UGC announced the Halo Classic it was a no-brainer for us to get involved as an official partner.”

In December, it was announced that Hi-Rez Studios subsidiary Skillshot Media had partnered with UGC for this very tournament. The partnership will see the addition of two streams for the Halo CE 2v2 and Halo 3 FFA side events.

In November last year, HCS announced the start of a grassroots initiative that would help to keep Halo’s competitive scene active as Halo: Infinite’s 2020 release date slowly approaches. Halo Classic is the inaugural event as part of the program.

Esports Insider says: NØSLEEP has carried out quite a lot of influencer marketing, using professionals from Call of Duty, for example, to promote its apparel. It’s encouraging to see it move up in terms of promotion by partnering with UGC for this event – it’s appears to be a good choice as it has sold a great number of team passes and should have a solid audience.

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