ESL to host Clash of Clans World Championship

13 February 2019


Event organizer and production company ESL has partnered with game developer Supercell to host the Clash of Clans World Championship.

Starting March 1st, the competition will span over six months with $1,000,000 (£775,390) up for grabs for eight teams.

Clash of Clans World Championship
Photo credit: Clash of Clans

Fabian Scheuermann, Vice President of Product & Publisher Relations, EMEA at ESL discussed the event: “We are excited to partner with Supercell to provide teams and fans from all over the world with an unprecedented experience culminating at one of our major events in Germany. Using a new 5v5 format and featuring innovative mobile esports elements, this program develops a competitive space for the Clash of Clans community to prove their skills and ultimately crown a winning clan.”

Using a new 5v5 format in the game’s Clan War Leagues feature, six pre-qualifier rounds will be open for anybody to compete in. Eight teams – four from the in-game event and four from ESL Play – will advance to a monthly offline qualifier in Katowice, Poland.

Six out of the eight slots for the competition will be occupied through these offline qualifiers. The remaining two teams will be chosen by Supercell and the Clash of Clans community as wildcard picks.

Eino Joas, Clash of Clans Game Lead at Supercell added: “Our goal with the World Championship is to provide our audience with the ultimate arena to celebrate the best of the best in Clash of Clans. Partnering with ESL’s esports experience, our most dedicated players will compete on a global stage to prove once and for all which Clan is the best in the world.”

The World Championship Final will take place during one of ESL’s premier events in Germany in front of a live audience.

Late last year, Esports Insider attended the Clash Royale League World Finals in Tokyo, Japan. Clash Royale is another game from Supercell, and the World Finals was the culmination of the title’s lofty esports efforts.

Esports Insider says: Mobile esports definitely has a ton of potential based on the accessibility of each game and how well-made titles from the likes of Supercell are. It’s interesting to see another of the Finnish developers’ titles getting a World Championship and it sounds like it’ll have plenty of time to build up hype for the event.