ESL announces “simpler, more powerful” rebrand

14 February 2019


Event organizer and production company ESL has announced it has undergone a rebranding exercise.

Described as a “simpler, more powerful”, the new identity includes a new logo, new colours, its own typeface, and more.

The official announcement touched on the rebrand: “ESL was made for gamers by gamers. The same kind of creativity that goes into figuring out how to complete through levels and make game-changing plays online affects everything we do. We believe that creativity and the creators themselves should be enabled and celebrated just like the biggest victories of esport athletes.

“We created this new visual world to provide a better experience across the board for everyone we interact with.”

Along with the new identity comes new tier-levels: Open, Challenger, and Master. As per the announcement, ESL is attempting to make the “competitive ladder” as simple as possible.

ESL Tiers
Photo credit: ESL

The rebrand hasn’t been applied across all of ESL’s properties and products just yet but it’ll be rolled out “over the next months”.

ESL has evidently been busy as of late, announcing two prominent partnerships and a major tournament. On February 13th, it was revealed that Betway had extended its sponsorship of ESL’s CS:GO events through 2019 and the Clash of Clans World Championship was unveiled. Just days prior, ESL extended its partnerships with Facebook and paysafecard.

Esports Insider says: This is certainly a bold move – just look at the yellow! In all seriousness, we like the message that ESL is trying to send with its new identity and it fits in with modern branding trends we’re seeing these days; it’s something that’ll be a good look moving forward for the foreseeable future.

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