LOOT.BET inks exclusive collaboration agreement with UCC

06 February 2019


Esports-dedicated bookmaker, LOOT.BET, has announced today an exclusive collaboration agreement between themselves and Russian esports studio and event organisers, U Can Company (“UCC”). The agreement is set to go into effect today and last until February 2020.

Per the arrangement, UCC will refashion their studio space to include LOOT.BET design elements during live broadcasts and streams. Additionally, UCC will incorporate promotional materials from the bookmaker into all esports broadcasts while launching LOOT.BET dedicated activities through streams and social campaigns.

The exclusive agreement will further cement previously established relations between LOOT.BET and UCC, having collaborated on online Counter-Strike tournaments since December 2017. The latest joint project between the two yields the LOOT.BET/CS Season 1 online tournament taking place in February through early March.

Head of the UCC studio, Dmitry Ryazantsev, had commented on the agreement, citing plenty of enthusiasm ahead of future projects with LOOT.BET.

“We have really huge plans for this year. Among other things, we will redesign our studios, introduce new editing technologies for live broadcasts, organize and cover many new and exciting tournaments. Collaboration with LOOT.BET will help us to ensure the highest possible quality of our contents and services, and we’re double pleased to have them as our General Partner as they have repeatedly proven themselves to be a great associate.”

LOOT.BET had launched back in December 2016. The newest union with UCC should serve to bolster their presence as they further establish themselves amidst a crowded betting vista. 

Esports Insider says: While bookmakers and event organisers teaming up is a common theme in esports, the aforementioned deal is still one to get excited about. LOOT.BET is a fairly reputable bookmaker in the esports-scape known for dynamic advertising and offerings – thus, to collaborate directly with UCC is likely to garner some interesting features.