Natus Vincere forms partnership with analyst platform Shadow

07 February 2019


Esports organisation, Natus Vincere (“NAVI”) has introduced a new content partnership with Dojo Madness company, Shadow, to showcase how NAVI is using the analytics tool in preparation for upcoming Counter-Strike tournaments.. 

Shadow is predominantly used in games such as CS:GO, Dota 2 and League of Legends. Many organisations utilise the platform to highlight and analyse performances in games, but Shadow’s affiliation with NAVI becomes their first content-based partnership with a team.

The Shadow CS:GO engine features a match database, automated strategic analysis as well as the Shadow-Holo engine which can generate a 3D replay of a match directly in the Shadow Web client.

Mykhailo “Kane” Blagin, coach of NAVI’s CS:GO team stated: “The pro scene is constantly changing, and keeping track of new and unique tactics is very difficult. Especially when you find out who your next opponent is at night, and you need to face them the next morning…I am glad that today NAVI are starting a partnership with Shadow. We will be able to quickly and thoroughly prepare for a matchup with an enemy. When they decide to surprise us, we will be ready for it, starting with the very basics of the tactic – flash grenade.”

Tim “Magic” Sevenhuysen, Head of Shadow also expressed his thoughts: “Our goal at Shadow is to be relied on daily by the world’s best esports teams. We’re thrilled to strengthen our partnership with NAVI to not only showcase how effective the right analytics can be when put into action at the highest levels of competition, but also to delve deeper into what a team like NAVI needs so we can continue to improve Shadow with new innovations and lead the charge for the esports analytics industry.”

Esports Insider says: Having an analytical platform as a partnership is a great development for NAVI. We see Shadow and analytical tools being used more in post-match analysis and both the 2D and 3D image rendering with smoke grenade trajectory (and the like) definitely enhance the viewer experience. We’re looking forward to analysing just how good s1mple is through the content put out in this new partnership.