OverActive Media lays off six employees following restructure

20 February 2019


OverActive Media has laid off six employees from its sales and marketing departments following an organisational restructure.

The company owns Splyce, Overwatch League franchise Toronto Defiant, and Overwatch Contenders team Montreal Rebellion.

OverActive Media
Photo credit: OverActive Media

The cuts took place across both Splyce and Toronto Defiant according to a tweet from Josh Olin, former Marketing Director for both brands.

Paulo Senrea, VP of Content and Communications for OverActive Media told Esports Insider: “We want to first and foremost thank our colleagues for all of their contributions and hard work. Unfortunately, we’ve had to make some tough decisions as our business takes a new direction and continues to grow into one of the leading global esports organizations.

“As part of an organizational restructuring, we laid off six people — all in the context of greater efficiencies in our sales and marketing function. We have a plan for a full-time head count of 44 staff. We expect to announce some key additions in the next few days and weeks.”

OverActive Media confirmed the acquisition of esports organisation Splyce in November last year after an initial investment of $1.5m (£1.07m) in April. The company purchased one of eight expansions slots in the Overwatch League during the off season, launching the Toronto Defiant ahead of Season 2.

Esports Insider says: It’s always a shame to see people lose their jobs and it’s no different here. Investments and acquisitions are often seen as all ‘sunshine and rainbows’ but this is proof that unfortunate changes do often occur. We hope all of those who were cut find a new home in no time at all.