Auto Chess Mobile already has over 95,000 pre-registrations

On Mar.14, Big Drodo Studio, the developer of DOTA Auto Chess, has cooperated with Imba TV and Long Mobile Limited to launch Auto Chess Mobile.

In the announcement, Big Drodo Studio said they will cooperate with Imba TV and Long Mobile Limited to provide a fair platform for global players to enjoy the game.  Although the mobile version of Auto Chess will be outside of a Dota background, it will retain the classic game mechanism and reward old players for binding Steam accounts to their new accounts.  Auto Chess Mobile will support both iOS and Android systems, and it also will allow global players to play together. At the time of writing, the number of pre-registrations has exceeded 95k.

Auto Chess Mobile is open for preregistration
Photo credit: Big Drodo Studio

As the most popular Dota 2 custom mode, Dota Auto Chess has received over 280k five-star reviews and the current subscriptions exceed six million.  The success of Dota Auto Chess may be owed its creative game mechanism, which combines collective card games (CCG) with real-time strategy games (RTS). In this game, players need to make decisions within a specified time and manage their economy rationally.  Besides the various game tactics, luck has also become a vital factor to affect the game situation, which adds more fun and possibilities to the game.

It is not the first time that Big Drodo Studio has expanded and leveraged the business of Auto Chess.  On Feb.22, Big Drodo Studio cooperated with Douyu TV and esports production company Imba TV to host the first Dota Auto Chess Competition: Auto Chess All-star Invitational.  Due to the immense influence of Dota Auto Chess, numerous Chinese companies started to register and contest for the Auto Chess trademark, including giants Tencent and NetEase.  At present, with the announcement of launching Auto Chess Mobile, Big Drodo Studio has shown its early intentions.

Esports Insider says: The battle for Auto Chess was always going to take place. As soon as the game reached such substantial success as a Dota 2 mod, there was a hurry to try and register the trademark. The game doesn’t have an identical likelihood to the one in Dota 2 due to licensing issues, but we can assume the gameplay will be similar and the team behind it will remain the same.