Pittsburgh Knights partners with largest retro gaming event in America

01 March 2019


North American esports organisation Pittsburgh Knights have signed a multi-year partnership with Replay FX, a convention celebrating retro gaming and pinball. The Knights will work with the Replay Foundation Expo to co-produce the annual event, which takes place August 1st – 4th this year.

Pittsburgh Knights will also work to bring esports to Replay FX. Previous iterations of the event featured a few video games tournaments like Mario Kart 8, Killer Instinct and Dragonball Fighter Z, but the Knights’ hope that they can combine modern and retro gaming.

Director of Replay FX, Mark Steinman stated: “Adding esports to Replay FX is the natural progression of our event and will be widely embraced by all attendees and staff. Esports enables Replay FX to offer gamers both a new type of challenge and new forms of entertainment value that can only be produced through live competition.”

Replay FX originally began as a pinball tournament, which has now grown to be the largest pinball tournament in history. The event also gathers boasts a large arcade machine collection, which Steinman said makes Replay FX a must-see event. “Most attendees don’t realize the size of the arcade until they walk the event floor.” The Knights will work to expand the event with esports competitions, in the hopes that it will attract more people to attend and witness the vast quantity and diversity in games available to play at the convention.

Pittsburgh Knights President James O’Connor commented: “Every gamer in Pittsburgh knows about Replay FX. It’s a huge event and we’re excited to partner with the Replay FX team and work to grow and unite Pittsburgh’s gaming community.” The Knights recently partnered with HyperX to be their official peripherals sponsor, and also received investment from NFL team Pittsburgh Steelers. They will be bringing in their suite of teams from PUBG, Smite, Paladins and their streamers and influencers to the event.

Esports Insider says: It’s a unique partnership as you rarely see an organisation get too involved in running events themselves. That being said, growing the local grassroots community is always good and the merging of two important aspects of gaming could bring new eyes to both. Also, who doesn’t love a bit of retro gaming?!