Werder eSPORTS welcomes AOK Bremen as health partner

06 March 2019


Werder eSPORTS has welcomed AOK Bremen as its official health partner and as a jersey sponsor.

Health insurance company AOK Bremen is a long-standing sponsor of the Bundesliga club that owns the esports team, SV Werder Bremen.

Photio credit: Werder eSPORTS

Klaus Filbry, CEO of SV Werder Bremen discusses the partnership: “From the beginning it was important to us to draw attention to the correct handling of gaming with our esports commitment. The esports professionals are under extreme mental and cognitive stress at the tournaments. High performance is only possible if you also focus on mental and physical fitness during training. The partnership with AOK gives us the opportunity to highlight the importance of these issues.”

SV Werder Bremen entered esports in July last year, competing in FIFA. More specifically, it’s part of the Virtual Bundesliga alongside a number of other notable German football clubs. It expanded its partnership with another long-term sponsor, EWE AG, to cover its esports team in October 2018.

Werder eSPORTS AOK Jersey
Photo credit: Werder eSPORTS

Jörg Twiefel, Deputy Board Member of AOK Bremen commented on the deal: “Commitment to eSPORTS is very important to us, as millions of young people and young adults in Germany now play games in their free time. As a health insurance fund, we would like to draw attention to topics such as healthy nutrition and physical fitness in this environment and offer practical assistance and solutions that already exist in terms of concentration, problem solving and stress reduction.”

AOK recently become the health partner of another German football club that also has an esports division, Borussia Mönchengladbach. It signed a deal with Borussia E-Sports to last until 2021.

Esports Insider says: We said it before with the EWE AG partnership being expanded and we’ll say it again: this move shows faith in Werder Bremen’s esports efforts. Bringing in major sponsors from the traditional sports club to its esports team is a great sign.

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