Hear, debate and discuss the growth of collegiate esports at #ESINYC

#ESINYC is an event taking place on April 23rd focused on networking and business development in and around esports and is set to welcome one of the best speaker lineups of esports B2B conferences yet.

  • 200+ Delegates
  • 40+ Leading industry speakers
  • 5 Engaging panel sessions
  • 4 Roundtables
  • One on one matchmaking opportunities
  • 1 Extravagant networking after-party at Jay Z’s 40/40 Club
  • Supplementary events on the 22nd April evening, and 24th morning 

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The US sports landscape is fairly uniform across the board. With those wishing to reach the highest tier of American Football, Baseball, Basketball, and even Soccer, the route and path to the top tier of the profession in the States is fairly clear from the outset. Given the franchised nature of all top tier American sports, amateur talent funnels in through the developed collegiate landscape into the top tier and that remains an outstanding way for teams to grab talent.

We’ve seen huge developments over recent years in the collegiate esports landscape, too, with several game publishers and esports stakeholders investing into the ecosystem to aid its development. The National Association of Collegiate Esports (“NACE”) has over 90 members, with sponsorship from the likes of iBuyPower. Universities such as the University of Washington has opened an arena and gaming lounge, and the likes of Blizzard and Riot have been supportive of collegiate plans across the board. The recently announced April Collegiate StarLeague finals will have over $100,000 on the line in scholarships. 

At #ESINYC, we’re delighted to bring delegates the opportunity to discuss the ever-growing potential for collegiate esports with industry leaders in the space. 

During a 40 minute session, three tables (for each session) will be offered for delegates. At the head of each table, will be a notable industry figure who will direct conversation and encourage debate. A third of the way through the session, the heads of table will rotate – and this will be repeated until each table has had a chance to talk to each speaker. 

We’ve lined up three top tier speakers to discuss and debate the potential for collegiate esports in our roundtable session: 

  • Joshua Kell, CEO, eSports Integration;
  • Ramon Ramos, Global Head of Esports, VIZRT;
  • Wim Stocks, CEO, WorldGaming & Collegiate StarLeague

Josh Kell, CEO, eSports Integration commented: “Our parent company is an audiovisual integration firm where we design, install and programming for the education market. Being a gamer I saw a trend about 2 – 3 years ago that sparked interest in combining both my passions. We see so many schools and institutions moving in different directions. Esports Integration is here to help standardise esports for education”. 


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