Joshua Kell – eSports Integration – The state of collegiate esports #ESINYC

11 April 2019


We’ve seen huge developments over recent years in the collegiate esports landscape: several game publishers and esports stakeholders investing in the ecosystem to aid its development. Scholarships are now being handed out from major universities across the United States as they would do for any traditional sport.

Joshua Kell, eSports Integration

One of those who is helping these institutions delve into esports is Joshua Kell, CEO of eSports Integration; a turn-key production house focused on collegiate esport activities.

In just under a fortnight Joshua be speaking at ESI New York (#ESINYC) on the ‘The state of collegiate esports’ roundtable alongside Ramon Ramos, Global Head of Esports, Vizrt and Wim Stocks, WorldGaming & Collegiate StarLeague.

You can find out more about ESI New York and secure your ticket here. We spoke with Josh asked him why he decided to get involved with collegiate esports and of course, ESI New York.

Esports Insider: First off, why do you think events like ESI New York are important?

Joshua Kell: With the esports industry expanding at its current pace, it is important for everyone to gather together to discuss the direction, challenges and success stories. Events like ESI New York bring a diverse group of individuals together for the common goal of esports.

ESI: What do you believe eSports Integration can bring to the industry?

JK: With so many colleges, universities and high schools starting out on their esports programs, eSports Integration is helping these institutions navigate through facility planning, building a team and curriculum. We have already developed programs, facilities, and curriculums for institutions such as Ottawa University, Rutgers University, University of Delaware, Arizona State, and many others.

eSports Integration already works with the like of Arizona State University

“We want to continue to bring a high standard to the esports collegiate and high school spaces”

ESI: You’re speaking on ‘The State of collegiate esports‘ Roundtable at ESI New York – what was it that compelled you to talk about this topic?

JK: Our parent company is an audiovisual integration firm where we design, install and programming for the education market. Being a gamer, I saw a trend about 2 – 3 years ago that sparked interest in combining both my passions.

ESI What do you anticipate will be the biggest takeaway from this roundtable?

JK: Meet with more schools and institutions. Help them develop a successful roadmap for their esports program. Develop relationships that will help mould and shape the esports community.

ESI: What does the future hold for eSports Integration?

JK: I see Esports Integration leading not only in building facilities and programs but assisting with recruitment and increasing enrolment for colleges and universities nationwide. We have already started developing leagues, broadcast studios, and student life spaces. Esports is part of our culture and continues to grow.

“eSports Integration is here to grow with this ever-changing industry”

We see the esports market not only as an opportunity to grow the integration of audiovisual, broadcast, set design and curriculum, but a direction and path for future generations to be involved in a sport and pastime. We are working with companies like Acer, Intel, Microsoft, Samsung, Twitch and many others to give this direction to esports.


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