23 April 2019 | New York
ESI New York is an event focused on networking and business development in and around esports.
ESI New York is an event focused on networking and business development in and around esports.



ESI New York provides everything you need to learn from the best, discuss your projects and ideas, and find the right partners.

200+ Delegates
30+ Leading industry speakers
5 Engaging panel sessions
4 Roundtables
One on one matchmaking opportunities
1 extravagant networking after-party

We will have the best in class speakers and the most engaging and thought-provoking agenda of esports conferences in 2019.


23 April 2019
Exhibition and Agenda

A full day of interactive and debate worthy sessions including:

  • From ‘basement dwellers’ to global superstars: the ever-changing perception and responsibilities of top esports players
  • The Fighting Game Community and esports: a rocky relationship
  • There’s no place like home: creating the perfect esports venue
  • Marketing in esports, the past, present and future
  • Investment in esports: Show me the money
  • The current state, and future of collegiate esports


Top Industry



Esports & Sports Team


Who attends

  • Esports organisations30%
  • Suppliers & Service Providers30%
  • Media15%
  • Sports Clubs & Leagues10%
  • Regulatory bodies, Betting companies and others10%
  • VCs & Investors5%


ESI New York is a must attend event for anyone interested in or currently doing business in esports around the world.

A one day jam-packed conference with panels worth listening to, people and companies worth meeting and rooftop networking drinks worth drinking .

We ensure attendees get value for money with an interesting and thoroughly curated agenda; there’ll be panels throughout the morning and an afternoon focused on round-tables and networking post-lunch. We’ll close off with networking drinks on the Tribeca Rooftop and then an official after-party at the renowned 40/40 Club.

ESI New York will span two days in total with breakfast meetings to follow the conference on the morning of April 24th.

Sessions will cover topics such as the ever-changing perception of pro players and the repercussions of this, the current state and potential of the fighting games community, esports venues, marketing developments, the repeal of PASPA, collegiate esports and more.


ESI New York opens the doors to the somewhat elusive esports world while simultaneously capturing the intent of esports fans and businesses. This is a phenomenal opportunity to showcase your business and to promote it as a leader within, supporter and partner of the industry as it continues to grow.

This event will offer an education on all aspects related to the business of esports from looking after and management of players to marketing, merchandising, building a brand, fan engagement, and more. ESI will bring together the decision makers at the world’s top teams, tournament organisers, brands, bookmakers, suppliers, investors, professional service providers, sports clubs, media and more.

  • Brand awareness to a targeted crowd of decision makers across esports, and connected industries
  • Be known as a leader in the space to the full sphere of stakeholders
  • Support the burgeoning esports industry and ensure people know who you are, and what you can offer
  • Gain extensive support from the full Esports Insider network on your journey in esports. This includes content and promotion on one of the leading industry news portals globally, support on social channels, real life connections and plenty more

For more information and to get involved: info@esportsinsider.com



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Dot Esports
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Chaney Group Holdings

10:00 - 10:15
OPENING REMARKS Welcome message from Esports Insider Co-founder and Managing Director Sam Cooke
10:15 - 10:50
From basement dwellers to global superstars From basement dwellers to global superstars: the ever-changing perception and responsibilities of top esports players It’s safe to say over the years the perception of competitive gamers and esports players has started to shift considerably. With increased popularity and global superstardom for many players at the top of their game, every action comes under increased scrutiny with sponsor responsibilities and personal brand importance. The panel dissects the changing public opinion, the importance of personal branding for players as well as the dangers of social media.
10:50 - 11:30
The Fighting Game Community and esports The Fighting Game Community and esports: a rocky relationship There’s no doubt that the FGC breeds some of the very best tournaments to watch, as well as creating truly epic storylines but its relationship with other the esports community is often a little frosty. The introduction of ELEAGUE and a more “traditional esports” approach to FGC was met with mixed reaction by the community. Some criticised the lack of open bracket and community feel, whilst others felt encouraged by another event with good prize money and solid competition. The FGC continues to throw up some of the very best entertainment out there - but lacks the Mercedes Benz or Betway’s that are proving so crucial to the overall esports ecosystem. Does the FGC risk damaging itself should it not embrace the bigger corporates and more polished esports approach or can it continue to flourish just the way it is?
11:30 - 11:50
MORNING BREAK Refreshments in the networking area
11:50 - 12:25
There’s no place like home There’s no place like home: creating the perfect esports venue We’ve seen esports events all over the world, from humble beginnings through to stadiums such as the Commerzbank Arena and the Bird’s Nest Stadium. Although dedicated studios have existed for a while, only recently have we seen the emergence of dedicated esports arenas across the world. But what goes into creating the perfect esports arena? How does it differ from a traditional sporting venue and is it difficult to generate revenue all-year-round?
12:25 - 13:00
Marketing in esports, the past, present and future Marketing in esports, the past, present and future There’s plenty of endemic and non-endemic brands in esports activating well and seeing good results in the space. There’s several key factors to consider when targeting a dedicated esports audience, and activating on-site may be different from that in other entertainment verticals. What can esports learn from outside the industry and vice-versa? How important is influencer marketing in esports and what will the overall landscape look like in five years time?
13:00 - 14:00
LUNCH + TOURNAMENT (Tournament 1 starts in Tournament Zone)
14:00 - 16:00
15:50 - 16:10
AFTERNOON BREAK Refreshments in the networking area
16:10 - 16:50
Closing Panel
16:50 - 17:30
Tournament finale (Tournament finale in Tournament Zone)
17:30 - 19:30
20:00 -
14:00 - 14:50
Collegiate esports Building the US grassroots: the state of collegiate esports Esports in the US has largely followed a similar path to that of traditional sports. With franchise leagues emerging at the top tier of esports for the likes of Overwatch and League of Legends - so too has a budding collegiate scene across the country. Just how well is the collegiate system doing for US esports? Furthermore, should developers and publishers of games feel an obligation to support such initiatives? Would the entrance of the NCAA be a disaster for esports or would it have its benefits?
14:00 - 14:50
Esports Chamber 101 Esports Chamber 101: Lock it away For those of us well and truly embedded into the esports industry there’s always something to have a gripe or a moan at. Whether it’s bad practice from those within the industry, or interesting decision making from those outside of it - there’s always something to have a whinge about. Esports 101 welcomes delegates to discuss bad practice in esports, and what they would ultimately lock in Esports Chamber 101.
15:00 - 15:50
Show me the money Show me the money: investment in esports There has been a lot of money flying into the burgeoning esports industry in the last few years - with big name celebrities and extremely high net-worth individuals all getting involved. Just how can an esports company go about raising capital for their venture? Once a venture is off the ground, how can an organisation obtain sponsorships and endorsements? On the investor side, should investors expect immediate bang for their buck or is esports more of a long-term play?
15:00 - 15:50
The repeal of PASPA “The repeal of PASPA: what does it mean for esports and gambling?”   Gambling and esports have an intriguing relationship with mixed opinions across the board. Whereas Valve and many organisations are open to sponsorship from regulated bookmakers, Blizzard and Riot remain opposed to them. Whilst gambling is already prevalent in Europe, it hasn’t been legal in the States outside of Nevada. With the repeal of PASPA in 2018, the landscape could soon change in the United States. Can esports benefit from the repeal of PASPA and welcoming of regulated betting operators into the market? Do publishers such as Blizzard and Riot need to carefully reconsider their stance or will attitudes remain the same?
ESI Birmingham was by far one of the best networking opportunities I have had. The wide range of speakers and topics covered really gives a huge insight into the world of Esports. I can honestly say that without ESI events, I wouldn’t have made so many connections. I had the opportunity to gain exclusive backstage access to the biggest UK esports event. It was a fantastic experience which I would not of had without attending this ESI event. Professional, reliable, networking.
Callum Scott - 
National Events Manager, The Rank Group
Quite simply, ESI, that is both the site and their events, is a great place to promote your brand while also connecting with leaders in the industry.
Kirsty Endfield - 
Founder, Swipe Right PR
ESI London represents a great opportunity for us, as a leading esports solutions provider, to be present and contribute to the conversation and to then positively influence the thinking of others who are learning more about the space.
Martin Wyatt - 
Head of Global Partnerships, Gfinity
I really enjoyed my time at ESI London. In addition to some informative expert panels, it was a great networking opportunity. I hope to return again next year!
Jason Lake - 
CEO, compLexity Gaming
The ESI Super Forum at the Chelsea Football Stadium has not only been a very well organized event but also convinced with fresh panel topics all around the business of esports including a wide range of anyone involved in the scene. Well done Esports Insider!
Tomek Borowka - 
(Former) Esports Marketing Manager, Super Evil Megacorp
Thank you to the ESI team for giving us the opportunity to speak at ESI Birmingham. It was a fantastic event providing an invaluable amount of insight on esports, which is testament to the strength of ESI's relationships within the esports industry. We are looking forward to the next event already!


Networking Events, Drinks and Parties:

ESI New York Official Networking Drinks at Tribeca Rooftop NYC,
Tuesday 23 April (5.30-7.30pm)

Networking After-Party at 40/40 Club,
Tuesday 23 April (8pm till late)


Tribeca Rooftop NYC
2 Desbrosses Street
New York,
NY 10013


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