Chinese organisation Snake Esports rebrands as LNG Esports

Snake Esports has been rebraned as Li-Ning Gaming or LNG Esports by Viva China Sports, a subsidiary of the Chinese apparel company, Li-Ning Group.

It is expected that LNG Esports will debut in China’s top League of Legends tournament, the LPL this summer.

It was reported in January that Viva China Sports had acquired Snake Esports Club. Li Qilin, the nephew of Li Ning and CEO of Viva China sports, revealed that the Li-Ning Group would seek more opportunities in esports. He also stated that their aim was to help organisations to develop by guiding them with their vast experience in the traditional sports industry.

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Besides the acquisition of Snake Esports, Li-Ning Group has launched numerous partnerships and sponsorships in the esports industry. During 2019 New York Fashion Week, Li-Ning signed a deal with Chinese esports streamer Han ‘Miss’ Yiying.

Li-Ning has also signed multiple esports apparel sponsorship deals with Edward Gaming, RNG DOTA2 Team and Newbee Esports Club. Recently, Li-Ning released the exclusive customised shoes for RNG DOTA2 team and Newbee.

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Esports Insider says: Li-Ning’s moves in esports has revealed the huge potential and numerous opportunities in the esports market. By applying their traditional sports industry to the esports scene, esports organisations can develop rapidly and attract more investments to enter esports.

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