Complexity Gaming announces Mind Gym for GameStop Performance Center

North American esports organisation Complexity Gaming has launched the Mind Gym, a room focused on “development, training, and improvement of core cognitive functions” that will be located in its GameStop Performance Center.

The Mind Gym has been launched in partnership with existing partner HyperX and newcomer Mamba Sports Academy, an initiative founded to support the training of young athletes.

Complexity Gaming HyperX Mamba Sports Academy
Image credit: Complexity Gaming

Kyle Bautista, Chief Operations Officer and General Manager at Complexity Gaming discussed the launch in a release: “At Complexity Gaming, we’re taking a holistic approach to cognitive health in order to help our esports athletes unlock and attain peak in-game performance. We are working hand-in-hand with Mamba Sports Academy and HyperX to continually develop an exclusive program for our players and to give them an unprecedented training experience.”

The Mind Gym will have six interactions stations that were designed specifically to facilitate training sessions under differering environments. There are esports-specific protocols in place that train cognitive speed, accuracy, and focus under strenuous conditions.

Jason Sada, CEO of Mamba Sports Venture Lab also commented: “In esports, every millisecond counts so it’s important for teams to provide cognitive training. Our training has been validated by the world’s most elite athletes across Formula 1, MLB, NFL, and NBA, and esports is a perfect application for our programs. Now, this proprietary training software and equipment will be used with Complexity athletes to boost their performance.”

GameStop Performance Center
GameStop Performance Center. Credit: Complexity Gaming

Mamba Sports Academy will provide cognitive training equipment and Complexity Gaming’s players will utilise HyperX’s Cloud Alpha headsets while practicing gaming protocols. The Mind Gym will also include equipment for physical activities such as yoga.

Wendy Lecot, Head of Strategic Alliances at HyperX added: “We are thrilled to be a sponsor of the GameStop Performance Center where gaming fans will have hands on experience with HyperX products that match their gaming lifestyle. Experiencing great audio at the state-of-the-art Mind Gym in conjunction with the Mamba Sports Academy Cog Lab helps bring a whole new level of peak performance experience to esports athletes.”

Complexity Gaming announced a strategic partnership with brewing company MillerCoors just yesterday, resulting in a room in the center titled the “Miller Lite Player Lounge”. The organisation has also recently rebranded and partnered with technology company MSI.

Esports Insider says: Jason Lake and his handy team have been busy in 2019, that’s for sure. A slew of new partners, a brand new headquarters, and now an esports-focused training facility are all seemingly great moves for the new-look Complexity Gaming.

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