GIRLGAMER Esports Festival announces Mogul as technology partner

GIRLGAMER Esports Festival has announced Mogul as their technology partner for their Sydney Festival. Set to take place on June 9th & 10th at The Concourse in Sydney, Australia, this is the first of five events being held this year under the GIRLGAMER brand.

Organised by Grow uP eSports, they have partnered with Critical Hit Entertainment for the Sydney leg with support from Logitech, Astro and Alibaba Cloud.

Mogul is an Australian-based tournament and media company, listed on the ASX, and they recently raised A$3.1m (£1.68m) in share placement. With the festival hosting tournaments for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Overwatch, they will presumably use Mogul as the platform for hosting sign-ups and brackets during the event. 

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GIRLGAMER began in 2017, with their first event held in Macau, China. They had their second iteration in 2018, hosted in Lisbon, Portugal and sponsored by Sephora. They announced this month that they would host multiple events this year around the world, culminating in a World Finals at the end of the year in Dubai, UAE. Alongside Sydney, they will host events in Seoul, Madrid and São Paulo.

In addition, the World Finals will be home to the GIRLGAMER Awards, a “celebration of the industry’s most inspiring women”, and feature a business conference with established industry leaders and panel discussions. Tickets for the Sydney festival are available from A$15 (£8) for students or A$20 (£11) for a regular ticket.

Esports Insider says: Having dedicated events for women is a great initiative to encourage more participation in the space. It’s fantastic to see that GIRLGAMER has expanded this year to include a full five-event circuit which allows fledgeling teams to gain more experience as they travel around the world.