Jagex appoints Rachel Gaskin as Head of Esports

UK-based game developer and publisher Jagex has appointed Rachel Gaskin as its Head of Esports.

Gaskin’s role as Head of Esports at Jagex will see her leading the esports initiative for both RuneScape and OSRS, both of which boast separate, bustling communities. The US native will venture to Jagex’s Cambridge offices and bring along her experience from her roles at Red Bull & Blizzard and time as a professional Heroes of the Storm player.

Jagex Esports
Logo credit: Jagex

Jagex is most notably known for of its popular free-to-play MMORPG RuneScape, which released publicly in 2001. In February 2013, the company decided to launch a classic variant of the game – while still supporting its more current, developing title – which was dubbed Old School RuneScape (OSRS).

Rachel Gaskin
Rachel Gaskin, Head of Esports at Jagex

RuneScape has been equipped with competitive elements since its inception. The franchise supports player versus player (PVP) modes in a number of adaptations.

Jagex has held tournaments for Old School RuneScape’s Deadman Mode – a PVP survival variant – which featured cash prizes of up to $32,000 (£25,471.68). It has been stated that Deadman Summer Finals 2019 would be the final tournament until further notice. As well as this hire, the discontinuation of the survival game mode may be hinting towards a reframed approach to RuneScape esports.

Esports Insider says: RuneScape is one of the most well-known games and, despite approaching two decades of age, it continues to boast a respectable player base. Jagex has, for the most part, avoided classifying any of its ventures as esports until now but, based off the newest hire and the ceasing of Deadman Mode, we suspect that it will take aim at RuneScape’s competitive efforts from a different angle.

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