Trust Esport pledges €1.5 million investment in smartVR

Independent management company and manager of the Trust Esport fund, Apicap, has committed to a €1.5 million (£1.35 million) investment in smartVR, a French virtual reality operator and studio.

Trust Esport smartVR
Logo credit: Trust Esport

Since launching in early 2018, smartVR has developed a catalog of multiplayer games, as well as systematic provision of free-roam arcades and VR gaming areas. It’s reported that smartVR sales have already exceeded €1.5 million this year while boasting a global network approaching 200 VR arcades.

Matthieu Dallon, Founder of Trust Esport touched on the ambition of the joint project: “SmartVR puts forth a unique and comprehensive offering that meets the needs of entertainment venues. The support of Trust Esport will help smartVR step up its business development worldwide, in terms of both sales and additional esports services, which will be key to fostering customer loyalty.”

Trust Esport, a venture capital fund for esports startups founded by Fimalac and Dallon in October 2018, will look to accelerate smartVR’s expansion in France, as well as internationally. By allocating substantial financial resources and strategic support from its partners, it’s hoped both companies will benefit immensely from the investment. 

In the wake of this investment, smartVR is aligning its sights to become the leading worldwide esports VR operator globally; the company’s road map includes the roll out of its signature network of VR arcades internationally, each stocked with a smart VR Store and its self-developed game, After-H. 

Jean Mariotte, CEO of smartVR also commented: “SmartVR aims to incorporate esports into the indoor entertainment market by introducing a turnkey equipment offering, a financing solution and an exclusive catalogue of VR games, intended both for independent arcade managers and innovative leisure parks.”

Esports Insider says: Venture capitalists have been able to help esports to develop in tremendous ways – although, it’s rare to come across an organisation as well-backed as Trust Esport. With the group’s funding and partners, smartVR will have all the tools to flourish.