GRID secures data rights for StarLadder Berlin Major

14 August 2019


Esports data platform GRID has acquired the exclusive data distribution rights for StarLadder Berlin Major, the upcoming Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major event.

GRID will leverage the power of StarLadder’s data to generate revenue for the tournament organiser as well as protect against groups that steal data for commercial use. 

The Stats and Insight service created by GRID will power insights and analytics (as seen below) that can be used by StarLadder to enhance broadcast, increase sponsor revenue and drive engagement through social media and their website. 

GRID StarLadder Berlin Major
Image credit: GRID

Charles Hanley-Nickolls, VP of Partnerships at GRID commented on the deal in a release: “Through the partnership, we’ll be working closely with StarLadder helping them maximise revenue through leveraging the significant data assets. We’ll also be acting as their data, and competitive integrity body. At GRID we also work to improve fan experience by enhancing broadcast, and this will be the same with StarLadder. Through our Stats and Insights services, data driven content pieces are automatically generated and pushed to StarLadder for use on their social media and broadcast channels.”

GRID’s platform allows tournament organisers, such as StarLadder, to utilise data and analytics to enhance broadcasts and increase engagement through digital channels. The data platform worked on the previous CS:GO Major, the FACEIT London Major, in September last year.

Alexander Chegrinez, Chief Business Development Officer at StarLadder said of the partnership: “It’s been awesome working with the GRID team – a group of extremely passionate and talented people. We look forward to leveraging their expertise in monetising official data, generating sponsorship inventory and combatting data theft.”

Esports Insider says: GRID has made some impressive moves since its inception in 2018 and it’s clear that the company doesn’t plan on slowing down. The fact that it keeps working with tournament organisers on major events such as this is a positive sign that it’s producing solid results.