Stream-Aid aims to help with live stream monetisation

Those who take up the profession of live streaming typically don’t have a steady stream of income; their revenue is all predicated on subscriptions, donations, and sponsorships.

Stream-Aid, however, is helping gamers to make more money doing what they love to do most: streaming their gameplay live.

Stream-Aid is all about the monetisation of live streaming, offering a suite of tools that allows streamers to increase their engagement – as well as increasing the value of supporting streams for the viewers. When audience members decide to show their support to streamers, even they are rewarded if Stream-Aid is involved.

Image credit: Stream-Aid

At the time of writing, Stream-Aid has three tools that are at the disposal of streamers.

‘Listings’ can be seen as a digital shop, where viewers can purchase different methods of interacting with streamers – whether that be through playing with them in-game, receiving coaching from them, or simply dictating what they’re doing as they play while streaming.

‘Scenes’ are immersive stream overlays that appear when a donation is made. Some donations are extremely generous – sometimes amounting up to thousands of pounds – and it’d be nice to be able to give viewers more than just a pop-up message once a donation is received. Scenes are animated overlays that makes the donor the focus of the stream for the next 15 seconds.

The premise of ‘Missions’ is simple: you donate to a streamer and set a mission, and they receive the money once they’ve completed the task that was set. This creates a level of interaction and engagement that’s currently hard to achieve in the landscape of live streaming.

More and more, we’re seeing esports athletes turn to streaming to earn a living once they decide to stop competing. As mentioned previously, though, it’s impossible to guarantee income so streamers have to do what they can each month to ensure they’re earning. Stream-Aid is doing what it can to cultivate a community and make money while doing it.

Stream-Aid works with any streaming platform, from Twitch, to YouTube, to Mixer, to Periscope, to Facebook. It also offers paid sponsorships for streamers who hold an average concurrent viewership of at least 50 viewers, producing yet another form of monetisation and income.

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