Gen.G announces player wellness campaign

11 September 2019


Multinational organisation Gen.G esports has announced a player wellness campaign that aims to promote physical and mental health in esports.

The organisation has partnered with gym chain LA Fitness and wellness application Simple Habit to launch the campaign.

Gen.G esports
Photo credit: Gen.G esports

In July, Gen.G opened a headquarters facility in Los Angeles. The building is designed with “player wellness foremost in mind” and offers healthy eating options, sleeping pods, and all-access LA Fitness memberships complete with personal trainers and physical therapy sessions.

Martin Kim, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Gen.G esports had this to say regarding the campaign: “Maintaining a high level of gaming skill can be both physically and mentally demanding. We want our players and fans to be well rounded in all aspects of life. Through this Wellness campaign, our goal is to develop a healthier generation of gamers and instill a mindset of self-improvement.”

LA Fitness will share a collection of fitness tips for gamers as part of its partnership with Gen.G, focusing on physical health. Simple Habit will launch curriculum to “address the stress points” of gamers and steamers, including a section of financial responsibility.

Andrea Ojeda, Vice President, Marketing at LA Fitness added: “With the rapid growth and popularity of esports, it’s important for both professional and casual gamers to practice a healthier lifestyle. We are excited to partner with Gen.G to address the importance of living a more balanced life.”

Gen.G entered a partnership with social and dating application Bumble in August, launching an all-female Fortnite team with intentions to “develop new platforms to drive empowerment” for females in esports.

Esports Insider says: With increased emphasis on the physical and mental health of gamers, this initiative has the potential to leave a lasting and positive impact on both esports players and fans. With periodic enhancements to the campaign, this is definitely a long-term project and we’re interested to see the results.