V4 Esports Coalition formed by four national associations

27 September 2019


A strategic partnership has been initiated between Czech Esports Association (CAeS)Slovak Esports Association (SaeS)Polish Esports Association (ESA), and Hungarian Esports Federation (HUNESZ).

The Visegrád Four countries announced the alliance at the V4 Future Sports Conference 2019 with ambitions of further developing the region’s esports presence. The joint collaboration has been labeled the V4 Esports Coalition.

V4 Esports Coalition
Photo credit: V4 Esports Coalition

As part of the arrangement, each party will “create operational and competitive systems” on a working basis to show approach and best practice for other countries in the European Esports Federation. In layman’s terms, the results of each model will be used to help shape future aspiring esports destinations.

Balázs György Biró, President of the Hungarian Esports Federation was quoted saying: “I am grateful that we are joining forces with the Visegrad Four esports associations. I believe that opening the borders for the players in the region will develop the scene rapidly and will help us in the forming European Esports Federation”.

Collectively among themselves, the group will share knowledge and discoveries as well as support V4 players, teams, and develop a “player marketing environment” for its competitors. This includes an annual esports league – based off a joint ruleset designed by the V4 Esports Federations – which will be hosted in the Visegrád Four territories.

Łukasz Trybuś, President of the Esports Association Polska, spoke to the value of the joint operation: “I see multi-level cooperation in the context of associations from the Visegrad Group countries. Starting from the exchange of good practices and knowledge in the field of esports industry education, joint search for financing from the public sector for cross-border activities, promotion of business tourism related to new technologies including esports, to cooperation focused on organizing competitions for V4 region teams”.

Esports Insider says: While esports may appear as a bustling industry in regions like North America and Europe, many countries are still far behind the curve. The joint efforts of the Visegrád Four countries, though, is a step in the right direction in hopes of narrowing that gap.