G2 Esports enters strategic partnership with Hdac Technology

15 October 2019


Berlin-based organisation G2 Esports has entered a strategic partnership with blockchain technology company Hdac Technology.

As part of the deal, Hdac Technology will act as a jersey sponsor for G2 Esports’ Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds teams.

G2 Esports Hdac Technology
Image credit: G2 Esports

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G2 Esports and Hdac Techology with collaborate on content and have plans to “deploy smart integrations” at the organisation’s office and gaming house through IoT and blockchain.

Carlos “ocelote” Rodriguez, CEO of G2 Esports discussed the partnership in a release: “The merging of blockchain and IoT technologies with gaming is the next step for tech growth in both industries. As trailblazers in esports, G2 is proud to partner with an exciting technology brand like Hdac and support them in their vision to bring innovative solutions to our players and fans.”

In recent months, G2 Esports has also partnered with Domino’s and Red Bull, and extended its deal with paysafecard.

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Hdac Technology is a contract platform that’s based on blockchain. It aims to “showcase the accessibility and ease-of-use” of its technology to the esports industry through this partnership.

Nicolas Jacquet, Marketing Director of Hdac Technology added: “As Hdac technology is releasing its Smart Home powered Blockchain Proof of Concept and expanding its market reach to Europe and North America, it’s important that we also continue to reach new customers who would find value in our services. Partnering with G2 Esports, a rising force in the esports world, allows us to tap into a technology-savvy community who is always looking for innovative services to live out their passion.”

Esports Insider says: G2 Esports has been bringing in high-profile non-endemic brands as partners in recent times so this is a change of pace, teaming up with a company that’s in an emerging (and often-ridiculed) industry. We’re interested to see what this partnership will spawn.

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