British Esports Association outlines vision for next three years

Not-for-profit organisation British Esports Association has outlined its plans for the next three years in an online booklet.

The association aims to drive forward with three key strategies: increasing awareness of esports in the UK, improving the standard of UK esports, and inspiring future talent.

British Esports Association Vision 2022
Image credit: British Esports Association

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Andy Payne OBE, Chair of Advisory Board at British Esports Association commented on the booklet in a release: “This document aims to outline the next three years of British Esports, up to the end of 2022. What will we be doing, what have we learnt so far and how can we work better? What will success look like and how do we measure that? These are the questions we’ll aim to answer in this report.”

During its first three years, the association has developed the British Esports Championships for school and college students, launched its esports & physical sports crossover activity week with West Ham United Foundation and other partners, and launched a number of guides aimed at parents on its website.

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The British Esports Association also announced plans for its Women in Esports campaign, aiming to raise awareness and improve inclusivity in esports.

Alice Leaman, Schools and Colleges Liaison Officer for British Esports Association discussed the campaign: “By celebrating and supporting women in esports we can help raise awareness of the accessibility and inclusivity of esports. Competitive videogaming is enjoyed by diverse audiences worldwide, and by learning about different women involved, and how many have overcome challenges, we can help support wider UK talent to get involved from the grassroots up.”  

Esports Insider says: The association has made some solid strides in its first three years. With plans in place for the next three years and new announcements already being made, things look promising moving forward.