Excel Esports hires Fabian Broich as Head of Performance

22 November 2019


British esports organisation Excel Esports has hired Fabian Broich as its Head of Performance for 2020.

Broich will develop a new performance strategy for Excel Esports, in which it hopes will “pave the way for teams all over Europe.”

Fabian Broich Excel Esports
Image credit: Excel Esports

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Broich commented on his new venture in a release: “I am excited to create a new holistic, professional performance environment at Excel. We all want to work together as an organization, on solidifying a great long term vision for the team. I look forward to finding unique ways to improve performance, well-being and creating the best possible environment for development.”

The sports psychologist has previously worked at Schalke 04 Esports and Astralis Group’s Origen. Through his performance strategy, Excel Esports is looking to claim a play-off spot in the LEC in 2020.

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Kieran Holmes-Darby, CEO of Excel Esports discussed the hire: “At Excel, we’ve always wanted to be bold and break new ground in the esports industry. Moving forwards we’re looking to bring more and more innovative individuals into Excel like Fabian, in the hope that we can revolutionise the way things are done, whilst never losing sight of our roots in the UK.”

Earlier this month, Excel Esports announced that Neosurf had joined HyperXBelong Gaming Arenas Chillblast, and Raven on its roster of partners.

Esports Insider says: Seeing the growth of Excel Esports over the past year or so has been great, and it’s clear that the organisation is continuing to push forward with hires such as this. Broich already having experience in both esports and traditional sports should be rather helpful for the squad moving into 2020.

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