Respawn Products partners with Epic Games for Fortnite chairs

Gaming chair manufacturer Respawn Products has partnered with Epic Games to create Fortnite-branded chairs.

As part of the partnership, Respawn Products has produced a collection of bespoke chairs for Epic Games’ battle royale title.

Respawn Products Fortnite
Image credit: Respawn Products

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Alex Gonzalez, Sponsorship and Promotional Lead at Respawn Products had this to say about the partnership: “Respawn Products is currently focused on evolving within the gaming, esports, and streaming space to continue offering our high-quality products at affordable prices to all gamers whether they’re aiming to compete at the highest level or play a couple of hours a week casually. As the industry continues to develop and evolve we are hoping to pursue a strong focus within esports and continuing to collaborate with unique and meaningful partnerships, sponsorships, and activations.”

Respawn Products is also partnered with the likes of Renegades, Team Reciprocity, Obey Alliance, Paris Eternal, Paladins Pro League, SMITE Pro League, High School Esports League, and Estars Studios‘ WSOE.

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Blake Zalcberg, General Manager at Respawn Products added: “When thinking about the right partners to work with, Epic Games matched us in entrepreneurial spirit and corporate culture. Their brand level and attention to detail is second to none and when a partner like them forces you to get better, you know that they’re the right one.

“We think the quality and end-result for anyone who purchases an Officially Licensed Fortnite Gaming Chair will feel that as well. We are looking forward to expanding on this partnership to develop great products that the community will love to sit in whether it is competitive or casual play.” 

The Fortnite collection, which is available to purchase at the time of writing, consists of six chairs.

Esports Insider says: Fortnite’s undeniably one of the biggest games on a global scale – though it’s specifically popular in North America and Europe – so Respawn Products has done a good job with this partnership. If promoted properly through events and social media, these chairs could fly off the shelf.