PandaScore establishes partnership with Blocksport

Sports technology boutique Blocksport has partnered with esports data provider PandaScore to assist in the launch of esports-focused mobile applications.

PandaScore will provide Blocksport with its range of live esports data, statistics, and analysis of esports teams for the boutique’s future projects.

PandaScore Blocksport
Image credit: PandaScore

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Flavien Guillocheau, CEO of PandaScore commented on the deal in a release: “Blocksport’s mobile app is bridging the gap between fans, sponsors and esports teams. It brings you everything in one hand. We believe in Blocksport – it’s the perfect way for us to deliver the esports data that fans truly deserve.”

In November, German organisation BIG announced that it would be partnering with Blocksport to create a dedicated mobile application for its fans.

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Semih Kaçan, Co-founder of Blocksport added: “The partnership with such an innovative data provider strengthens our social sports ecosystem significantly. We are looking forward to a successful partnership with PandaScore.”

PandaScore entered a partnership with UK-based multimedia news agency PA Media to provide esports data to sportsbooks in September. It’s also in deals with the likes of ESL, PSG Esports, and Team Griffin.

Esports Insider says: Partnering with PandaScore is a good move for Blocksport, which is looking to increase its involvement in the esports industry. Having the ability to use accurate statistics and data will certainly help in the creation of the BIG app and opens the door for potentially more organisations to follow suit down the line.

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