German Esports Federation elects new board

The German Esports Federation (ESBD) has elected a new board and renewed its structure and status.

At a meeting, Hans Jagnow was confirmed as President of federation, Dr. Fabian Laugwitz was elected as 1st Vice President, and Martin Müller, Daniel Finkler, and Christopher Flato were elected as Vice Presidents.

German Esports Federation ESBD
Photo credit: Alina Ehmann

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Jagnow explained the decision in a release: “We are faced with the challenge of adapting the strong dynamics of the esports movement into the work of the federation. The agreed structural refresh is an important step into the future of the ESBD. The new ESBD statutes allow the combination of a digital platform concept with traditional federation structures. This will help us creating more participation for esports players and athletes. We hope to establish a new concept of sports democratic structures in respect to a society that becomes more digital every day.“

As of 2020, individual players will also be able to organize themselves within the federation. Members of the players’ representation are not entitled to vote on an individual basis, but will instead be represented by their own committee and in the federation’s board.

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In future, an German Esports Federation court of esports arbitration will be responsible for handling disputes within the federation internally and will encourage the committees and members to adhere to federations rule sets.

The federation also passed two more motions at the meeting, approving the participation in the foundation of a European esports organisation. It also expects the federation to play a role in the discussion around loot boxes and pay-to-win game mechanics.

Esports Insider says: The federation has got off to a great start, from improving visa applications for German esports players to starting to discuss the dangers of loot boxes, gambling, and pay-to-win mechanics in games. Whilst this is just talk, if the federation can put these plans into action, it should be a victory for the esports industry and gaming industry at large.

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