Astralis picks up one-year partnership with CS.MONEY

16 January 2020


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive brand Astralis has entered a one-year partnership with CS Virtual Trade brand CS.MONEY.

The deal includes a jersey sponsorship, social media advertisement, an “exclusive logo,” and digital activations.

Astralis CS.MONEY
Photo credit: BLAST

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Jakob Lund Kristensen, Co-founder and CCO of Astralis Group commented on the deal in a release: “As a part of the agreement, on the Astralis jersey, the two logos will be merged with the iconic Astralis star replacing the CS Money knife. This is done to celebrate the partnership between the two companies, maintaining strong brand values on both sides. It’s a new way of showcasing a partnership, exclusively made for the Astralis jerseys.”

Astralis’ and CS.MONEY’s branding will be merged on the team’s jersey as a “new way of showcasing a partnership.” The Danish brand’s star will replace the knife in CS.MONEY’s logo for the duration of the deal.

Astralis CS.MONEY Logo
Image credit: Astralis Group

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Alexander Cherednichenko, Business Developer for CS Virtual Trade added: “Our aim will always be to find new and engaging ways to interact with the Counter-Strike community, and needless to say, working with Astralis and Astralis Group has been a long-time aim for us. The team is the best in the world known by all fans of Counter-Strike, and the organization is pioneering the development of professionalizing the scene.”

A digital activation of the partnership will see fans be offered the opportunity to win and play with skins used by Astralis players in specific tournaments. The deal is slated to officially launch in early February, as per a release.

Esports Insider says: It’s no exaggeration when we say that Astralis is the hottest commodity in CS:GO and, as a result, it’s a very desirable brand for potential partners. CS.MONEY has slowly but surely joined forces with well-known figures in the community so this is obviously another step in its plan to take over the skin-trading business.

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